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Vehicle ID# 903
1953 M38A1
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Owner Information
Owner: Rob
Email Address: robheib@msn.com
Location: Stanwood, Washington

Vehicle Description: 1953 M38A1
Oringinal F-134
Has full hardtop.

Vehicle Information
Model: 1953 M38A1
Vehicle Serial #: 60074
Purchase Price: $1,000.00
Current Est. Value: $0.00
Purchased Condition: 5/10
Current Condition: 7/10
Location Purchased: Stanwood, WA

Vehicle Story: This Willys was given to the Port Townsend Fire Dept by the US Navy in 1960 to help with wildland fire. It was used by the Chief until 1998 when he retired and was surplused in 2003. I bought it and drive it regularly.

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Vehicle Registration Created: 05/17/2006 
Vehicle Registration Last Updated: 05/18/2006 

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