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Vehicle ID# 906
1948 Pickup
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Owner Information
Owner: Dana Neidhardt
Age: 59
Email Address: mtn8tv@msn.com
Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Vehicle Description: Stock 48 4WD truck

Vehicle Information
Model: 1948 Pickup
Vehicle Serial #: 4WD26209
Engine Serial #: 4T65602
Purchase Price: $0.00
Current Est. Value: $0.00
Purchased Condition: 3/10
Current Condition: 6/10
Location Purchased: Montana

Vehicle Story: My grandad bought it in the late 60s and we used it for a hunging vehicle and to drive on our family property in the summer. I got it when my grandma died in 77 and finally had it hauled to CO in ´01 to start rebuilding.

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Vehicle Registration Created: 05/27/2006 
Vehicle Registration Last Updated: 05/27/2006 

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