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Vehicle ID# 915
1946 CJ-2a
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Owner Information
Owner: Brad & Laurie Ingoe
Age: 58
Location: Boise, Idaho

Vehicle Description: Its Hunter Green, has an 85 Chevy 350,T90A1, Spicer 18 w/an original Warn Overdrive, Dana 41/44 axles w/ 5:38 gears, an original Kelly steel top, 3" body lift, 1" shackle lift, 33x12.50x15 BFG´s

Vehicle Information
Model: 1946 CJ-2a
Vehicle Serial #: unknown
Engine Serial #: chevy
Purchase Price: $500.00
Current Est. Value: $3,000.00
Purchased Condition: 1/10
Current Condition: 7/10
Location Purchased: El Cajon, CA
Options: Overdrive, On-Board Welder, On-Board Air

Vehicle Story: My wife and I made this from 3 different Jeeps a 55, a 48, and a 46 and its been a great marriage project, my wife loves it,she says it was a "selling point" for marrying me. That was 17 years ago.....she still loves the Jeep.

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Vehicle Registration Created: 06/21/2006 

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