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Vehicle ID# 917
1962 Station Wagon
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Owner Information
Owner: Bob Schacht
Age: 69
Location: Plymouth, Pa

Vehicle Description: 1962 Maverick model with 6-230 engine

Vehicle Information
Model: 1962 Station Wagon
Vehicle Serial #: 58177 100149
Purchase Price: $600.00
Current Est. Value: $0.00
Purchased Condition: 9/10
Current Condition: 6/10
Location Purchased: Pennsylvania

Vehicle Story: I bought this vehicle in the summer of 1967. It was my first car. Originally it was 2wd but I converted it to 4wd in the 70´s with parts from a 55. It´s been stored in a garage and hasn´t run in 20 years. With fresh gas it started and I drove it home under it´s own power. Other vehicles have come and gone since 1967 but I never got rid of this one!

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Vehicle Registration Created: 06/29/2006 

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