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Vehicle ID# 920
1951 CJ-3a
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Owner Information
Owner: Dwaine
Email Address: atokaok@lycos.com
Location: Texoma, Ok

Vehicle Description: The vehicle original color was yellow. The 2 previous owners before me had painted it Burgundy using an industrial paint. The body was bent up pretty bad although the engine drive train, Brakes and steering were in good shape I obtained a gallon of 2-part Thane Luzon Red from a Nason dealer. Under this I applied Nason 421-19 2 part primer. In a previous description I mentioned that I had plans to install ND tires, well they are on now as the picture shows. I also had a friend completely overhaul the engine. It had developed a miss and I found that the number four cylinders had zero compression. Broken ring but now it runs fine except it left a heck of a hole in my back pocket where I keep my meager treasure.

Vehicle Information
Model: 1951 CJ-3a
Vehicle Serial #: 451GBI14979
Engine Serial #: 3J66254
Purchase Price: $0.00
Current Est. Value: $10,000.00
Purchased Condition: 4/10
Current Condition: 9/10
Location Purchased: Ft. Worth

Vehicle Story: I was raised on ranch near Atoka, Ok along with 4 brothers and 2 sisters. Our father had a jeep similar to the one I recently purchased. We all learned to drive this vehicle.
We forded the Muddy Boggy River, climbed the pine and blackjack covered mountains in this tough, rugged jeep in the process of learning. We also courted the local young things in it. Nowadays it is no big deal to have a jeep to drive since there are high school kids that drive new Wranglers to school every day, but in those days it was quite a novelty to go to the movie and drag main in a jeep. In our small town with one red light it didnít matter if that we had no license tag or insurance. I canít remember dad ever having to repair anything or even replacing spark plugs. We used it pull a four-wheel wagon made from an old T Model frame to haul hay to feed two hundred head of cows each winter. The 6 volt equipped jeep seldom failed to start even when the winter temperature would drop to near zero although at times I was sure it would. I canít remember why he sold the old jeep, as I was away from home and grown when it happened. I have so many happy memories of those experiences that a while back I found a jeep for sale just like the one we had, and so I pulled a trailer down to Ft. Worth, Texas and paid the man and now I am in the process of restoring it. Although the motor and drive train is excellent the body was really bent up. Luckily there was little rust as the two previous owners had taken good care of it, but the fenders and hood looked like a Texas sized hailstorm had pounced on it. I worked for three months just on fenders and hood removing the dents. My wife told me if I didnít quit sanding on it there was not going to be any metal left. I went down to the bare metal both inside and outside. The man I bought it from told me the original owner bought it new and showed me the original 1951 Texas Tags that he included in the sale. He also included the 5 original wheels. He stated that the odometer was correct and showed the true mileage at 31,900 miles. My Son-In-Law re-upholstered the seats and done an excellent job since the originals were in bad shape. I plan on when finished to ride around these Oklahoma prairies, hills and mountains like we used to do. I probably will take better care of this one than we did our Dadís. We have a Rodeo Parade coming up soon and my grand kids are looking forward to piling in and joining the parade up Main Street with me.

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