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Vehicle ID# 931
1947 CJ-2a
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Owner Information
Owner: Scott & Katie Scherzer
Email Address: ncflatfender@triad.rr.com
Location: Greensboro, NC

Vehicle Description: 1947 CJ2a Original Willy´s vin#123456

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Vehicle Information
Model: 1947 CJ-2a
Vehicle Serial #: 123456
Engine Serial #: none
Purchase Price: $700.00
Current Est. Value: $0.00
Purchased Condition: 2/10
Current Condition: 6/10
Location Purchased: Kentucky

Vehicle Story: I bought this is Kentucky in ´03 to use on our farm. I loaded in in the rain and lightning and thought that "this is the stupidist thing I have ever done" I still needed to tow this and a trailer through the mountains to get it home. Then I saw the data tag and thought that that made it worth while. It is much loved in our family and has a great personality.

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Vehicle Registration Created: 07/24/2006 
Vehicle Registration Last Updated: 07/24/2006 

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