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Vehicle ID# 936
1951 Pickup
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Owner Information
Owner: john erickson
Age: 73
Email Address: jhncarguy@aol.com
Web Site: http://littlebearcreektreefarm
Phone Number: 5303898223
Location: alta, ca

Vehicle Description: 6 pu 1951-1959, trucks are used to carry customers to get christmas trees on our 50 acre tree farm located 50 miles above sacramento @3500 ft elev.

Vehicle Information
Model: 1951 Pickup
Vehicle Serial #: various
Engine Serial #: various
Purchase Price: $0.00
Current Est. Value: $18,000.00
Purchased Condition: 3/10
Current Condition: 7/10
Location Purchased: alta ca

Vehicle Story: trucks were on farm in varrious stages of disrepair went through 4 trucks they are running, next two will take some time. three with v8 one with ohv6 2 with flathead6

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Vehicle Registration Created: 07/24/2006 

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