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Vehicle ID# 942
1963 CJ-3b
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Owner Information
Owner: John Humphress
Email Address: Bigmac4940@gmail.com
Location: Tallahassee, FL

Vehicle Description: Bone stock 3B. I´ve added Ramsey PTO winch and front bumper seat.

Vehicle Information
Model: 1963 CJ-3b
Purchase Price: $0.00
Current Est. Value: $5,000.00
Purchased Condition: 2/10
Current Condition: 8/10
Location Purchased: Tallahassee
Options: PTO

Vehicle Story: Bought Jeep in 2000. I rebuilt engine, T90 and T/C in first year. Just did not get around to cosmetics until this past summer. Took body off and set it into rehab for 4 months.
It is my quail hunting buggy, no tag or insurance. Since repaint, I´ve decided to drive it on street. Now fitting Beachwood canvas top to it.

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Vehicle Registration Created: 01/01/2016 

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