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Up and Running Again!"

WillysMeet02.JPG (63060 bytes)  The Fifth Annual Texas Willys Meet   

Who/What: We missed our Meet last year but it won't happen to us this year. The time has come for the fifth annual meeting of Texas Willys owners and enthusiasts.  Myself (Rick Stivers) of San Antonio and Dan Breaux of Houston will be hosting this event.  If you live in or around Texas, and would like to attend this Meet, feel free for you to join us.  Best of all, there is no registration fee or required sign up.  We aren't a club and no membership is required.  We are just a group of fine folks that appreciate the simplicity and character of these fine workhorse machines.  If you want to come, I would appreciate it if you let me know you are coming and how many you plan to bring. I try to supply free food for the event and this will give me an idea of how much to bring. In addition I will try to get some name tags together so we know who you are and which vehicle you belong to. Bring your Willys Jeeps, trucks, wagons, panel vans, Forward Controls and let's visit. If it won't run, trailer it to the event.  We just want the opportunity to meet with you and your Willys. This does not mean that you need a Willys to attend.  If you just want to drop by and visit, that will be fine too. My wife and I will be there. I'm not sure which of my Willys I'm bringing yet I have a 62 pickup that is now just a complete Chasis and drive train, and I have a 46 CJ2A that hasn't been touched since 1988. As always, this is a family event, so feel free to bring your spouses, children and pets.

Where: Dan Breaux's ranch in Burton TX.   "The place is about 1/2 way between Austin and Houston. We have 160 acres with a small house overlooking a lake. There are six ponds, with woods and fields, and a cattle herd for scenery. Make sure to bring fishing poles for the kids.  The easiest way to get there is to take 290 to Homeyer Mountain Road, about 2 mile east of Carmine, or 3 miles west of Burton. Turn north and go 3 miles to Hartstack road. Turn east (right) on Hartstack and go approx 1/3 of a mile to our middle gate, which is on the north side of the road. There are three barns with a cattle pen there and a sign that says Wolf Creek Ranch. We have a deck with picnic tables and we can barbecue in the yard.    Dan"

Detailed Directions With Photos

WillysMorning17.jpg (177825 bytes) WillysReflections.jpg (36017 bytes)

When:  22 Oct 2005 8 AM to 5 PM   Dan has agreed to host the Meet at his ranch again this year and we are thrilled to be going. 

For e-mail discussions on the Texas Willys Meet and other local (TX) Willys events you can sign up for e-mails at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TXWillysMeet/

Confirmed Attendees for 2005

Those in Pink are tenative

Those in red are from previous meets and have not confirmed yet. 

Those in Yellow can't make it this year.

Rick & Patty Stivers (K)


? San Antonio TX
Dan Breaux --- 1962 Wagon Houston TX
Gary Hershberger (W) --- FC-150 or M-38 Euless TX
Hank VanSlyke (Yep, that's Joe's Little Brother) --- 51 CJ-3A
Ross Cook --- Parts :-) Conroe TX
M. Lee & Sondra Simmons, (K3) --- 1948 CJ2A Bryan, Texas
Mike & Rose Fitzgerald --- 50 Wagon but I don't think it's coming
Keith Moulton --- Argyle, TX
Ken & Cathy Shaffer --- 49 Jeepster (Probably not coming) Houston TX
Steven Acree + 3 ---
Gerry & Lydia Hinloopen --- 1964 Willys 4WD Pick-up  (Not coming) Katy TX
Merl & Barbie Hollowell --- M-38A1 Dallas TX
Luis Rodriguez --- 1957 Station Wagon Rio Bravo Mexico
Tom Hallberg --- 62   FC-150
Scott S --- M-38A1 Austin TX
Tom & Kathleen Jacoby --- 1961 Parkway Houston TX
Kent McKeever --- 1961 Station Wagon Fort Worth TX
Rick Gray (W) --- 1956 Pickup Coppares Cove TX
Carl & Mike Dobsky --- 62 Willys Wagon Fredericksburg TX
Ray & Sheila Gale --- 63 CJ-3B Pearland TX
Larry Elkins --- 53 Wilys Aero Ace (For Sale)
Jason Hogue --- 46 CJ-2A Spring TX
Corkey Sandel --- 50 CJ-3A Alpine TX
John Hallows (W&K) --- 56 Pickup
Dave Greenwell --- 56 CJ6
Robert Stewart --- 6-230 Engine Historian
Dean & Phyllis Kypke --- 49 Jeepster Houston. TX
Mike & Donna Harris --- ?63 Wagon (SB Chevy V-8) Austin TX
Chris & Melissa Ring --- 50 Wagon Austin TX
Byron Sage --- 49 CJ-3A Austin TX
TNT Mayfield (W) --- 62 Pickup Seguine TX
Bob Stewart
Marvin & Linda Adkins --- 1950 CJ3A Mineral Wells Texas
Jesse Massey --- 1957 4WD Wagon Waller TX
Hal D. Brown --- Jeepster Austin TX
Jimmy Ashley --- Austin TX
David and Sheila Miles --- 49 Willys pickup Lake Charles,La
Ginger & Alan Gober --- 49 Jeepster Austin, Texas
Richard & Marie Sample --- 1947 CJ-2A Modified Laredo

* Probable     W = Wife       K= Kids   GF = Girlfriend    ? = Possible  Hey we have a new catagory  for girl friend.  :-)